Betty Shelton (2003)

Betty SheltonBetty Shelton was born in Burleson and has lived her all her life. Betty loves living in Burleson because she knows Burleson has the: best schools, beautiful parks, an incredible police department, and a library with everything a person could want. She feels these are just some of the reasons Burleson’s population has grown so much. Everyone is figuring out that Burleson is a great place to live.

Betty had a successful business for 35 year. Her professional career also included working at: Spinks Industries & Airport, a cattle ranch, and a brick distribution company. For the past 9 years Betty has worked at Heritage Place Retirement Center. She feels needed and loved working with the residents of this community.

Betty’s community involvement has included working with Heart for the Kids to help children in our community with school supplies, clothes, physicals, toys at Christmas, and nutritional needs. She also works with the Veterans in our area, planning our Veteran’s Day event in Renfro Square’s Veteran’s Park, helping to raise money for the Eagle statue placed there. In connection with her work at Heritage Place she works with the Alzheimer’s Association each year.

Betty feels that being an ATHENA has given her a special sense of connection to the community because of the work the ATHENAs do with cancer care services. In her words, “The best thing to me is the help we give to the children at Cook Children’s Palliative Care. There is no better feeling than helping children.”

Betty currently has 17 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. She’s very pleased that they all live in Burleson so everyone can share each holiday season together in this special community.